Rough seas the first few days tossed the boat and tested our bellies. We’ve been chasing a high-pressure system straight North from Hawaii, looking for calmer waters, but it’s smaller than normal and keeps moving. Bouncing around again today, I feel like I’m trying to type on a galloping horse.

I miss entered an email address a few days back and posts didn’t make it, so sorry if things are bit out of order as I try to get things up to date.

2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Hi Kim – Just catching up on all your blog posts. You write beautifully! It sounds like you are both having fun and participating in a project that is doing a lot of good. I am so excited you get to do this! I hope I get to hang out and hear all about your trip when you get back. You could put together a small party and have a slide show while you give commentary. Cliche I know but I would I think it would be fun =) Stay safe! – Lizz

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